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Trick Your Brain and Smile

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The hardest story I’ve ever written. When an artist of optimism is cruelly taken away, what remains of her message? A profile of the artist Susan O’Malley, from the January 2016 issue of San Francisco magazine.

On the afternoon of February 25, 2015, artist and curator Susan O’Malley was at home in Berkeley, taking care of business. She posted a note on Facebook asking if anyone could help her transport a piece of artwork down to San Jose, where she was curating a show at the Museum of Quilts and Textiles; several people cheerfully responded. She exchanged emails with her editor about the final page layouts for her first book, Advice from My 80-Year-Old Self, which will be published by Chronicle Books this month. In the next room, her husband, Tim Caro-Bruce, a computer programmer, was working from home.

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